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Dear Readers:

Some of you will wonder, and with good reason, as to why I wrote “The Silver Box”?
Among the many reasons, the ones that stand out are:
My familiarity with the actual Silver Box and with the Angelic Woman, who gave it to me.
However, above all, my desire to convey to people that God - with all His ninety-nine beautiful names - is always available to all those who open their hearts to Him.




The Silver Box

In the early 1800's, East Africa was the dark continent, an untamed wilderness inhabited by carnivores; Masai, Kikuyu, and Suk warriors; and Arab and English settlers lured to Africa by the hope of making money by hook or by crook.  In this environment, Minnie Baume is brought as an infant from Constantinople to Zanzibar to start a new life where she becomes enchanted with wild animals.  However, back in Constantinople, her life will change when she is given a silver box with the power to heal the sick and wounded.  Fascinated by the box, her research into its origins takes her on a series of fantastic adventures across two continents and into the arms of a handsome Masai named Kiliman, an encounter that changes the threads of her tapestry forever.



The Mouse Oracle

Perhaps it was karma--or merely coincidence--that the fateful letter from Uncle Hugh arrived a few short days after Summer's twenty-first birthday. At the lavish party thrown in the honor of this child of wealth and privilege, Madame Kappa and her oracular mice predicted Summer's future--a future of dire consequences if she were to remain in San Francisco.

Deciding to seek her destiny elsewhere, Summer joins her beloved Uncle Hugh, her father's dashing younger brother, halfway around the world in Turkey. Together they plan to raise funds for the Russian refugees of the Bolshevik Revolution. Yet, Summer's father's influence reaches across continents and oceans.

Lyrically told and brimming with superstition, taboo, life, love, loss, and truth, The Mouse Oracle, by Nikki Elst, weaves a tale of the destructive power of a father's pride. The author's narrative structure is as captivating as her experiences. Readers will not easily forget this remarkable story as they travel from old-moneyed San Francisco to the exotic streets of Constantinople.


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